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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sushmita gets a Salman painting

Sushmita Sen is now the proud owner of a Salman Khan painting. But the actor didn't gift her his work, she took it off his wall and carried it home with her.

An art connoisseur, Sush has been in awe of Sallu's paintings for a while. And she has pleaded with him to part with this one painting for over two years now.

The actor kept putting it off until the evening of his Being Human show this year. This time around, when Sen came over to Khan's home, she simply walked home with it when she left.

This particular work of art shows a close-up of a praying man's face with his eyes closed. He is holding prayer beads in his hands.

Also, the artist has not given his subject a forehead, leaving in doubt his religion. Hindus, Muslims, as well as Christians all use prayer beads while praying.

But while Hindus cover their head with a cloth while praying. Muslims wear a cap. But with the forehead missing from the painting it is a picture of a man praying to a God.

It was the deep meaning behind the painting that made a connection with Sush.

The source adds, "Sush got the point that the missing forehead was to imply the man could be of any religion - Hindu, Muslim, Christian (see box). The sentiment was to depict the idea that God is one irrespective of what religion you follow."

When contacted Sushmita says, "I am a huge fan of Salman "The Artist". I love the freedom he enjoys in his creative expression.

The first time I saw one of his paintings I didn't notice the colours, the strokes or the brilliance of form what won me over instantly was "The Reverence" "The Celebration of Faith" his paintings depict.

Work like that can only stem from the inside from the spirit!! which is why I think it's so powerful that the proceeds from the sale of Salman's paintings are directed to charity.

I am thrilled to have one of the finest paintings Salman has ever painted "Jesus with his beads" in prayer!! Salman was forced to gift it to me :) and I will cherish it for my whole life!!More power to you, Salman."

The use of beads while praying is prevalent in most of the world's major religions along with a few others. While Christians use the rosary, Muslims use the tasbeh, while Hindus use the rudraksh to help them pray.

Also the custom of covering one's head is prevalent in Hinduism
and Islam. Muslims wear a skull cap while Hindus use a cloth (like one would use a bandana) to cover their heads

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