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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hrithik Roshan caught in a Twitter rant

Hrithik Roshan's use of social networking sites to promote his latest film has resulted in an angry backlash against one Twitter user.

The controversy began after Roshan retweeted a message about the alleged pirate viewing of his current release Guzaarish.

Following his reposting of, "This guy @Biorahul was watching on pirated DVD. Catch him", many of the star's fans sent out angry messages to the profile.

Speaking to DS, Rahul Sharma, the Twitter user involved in the controversy, revealed that the incident had been meant as a joke.

"I feel a bit frustrated with the episode because I like Hrithik Roshan as an actor and I had seen Guzaarish in a theatre only. What was meant to be for fun turned out to be ugly because die-hard Hrithik fans started abusing me," the Jaipur resident explained.

After clarifying the situation to the actor, Roshan, who plays the role of Ethan Mascarenhas in the film, urged restraint: "Guys, let's leave him alone! Ethan would!"

Guzaarish is on general release at cinemas worldwide.

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