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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama unites SRK, Salman

Salman, still riding high on the success of Dabangg, could not resist a wisecrack that would have done Chulbul Pandey proud. "U think Mr. Rajnikanth will give Obama his darshan???" he asked his fans on the micro blogging site. In his tweet, Shah Rukh made a reference to his character Rizwan in the film My Name is Khan who is determined to meet the American President, even if it means undertaking an epic journey to do so. "American president is in India. If I had known wouldn't have gone looking for him all over America instead met him in Andheri or Ghatkopar," he tweeted.

Besides the Khans, other Bollywood stars also took note of Obama's visit to the country. "Mr. Obama come at least once a year. Roads were less bumpy. So things can happen if Government wishes," Anupam Kher, wrote on his Twitter account.

Preity Zinta also seems to be following the President's Asia tour closely. This is what she had to say about Obama's visit to Indonesia, "Good Morning! Just heard Obamas speech in Jakarta. Wow ! He really is inspiring ! An amazing effort to bridge issues with the muslim world !". Earlier the actress had tweeted, "Airport today had too much security & few passengers. I hear President Obama arrives today. I'm sure he will fall in love with India :-)."

On a more serious note, actor Rahul Bose asked his followers on Twitter, "Vintage obama in parliament. Warm, scholarly, empathetic. The burma reprimand to india was deserved, but from america? Hmm. Any thoughts?"

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