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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Manisha moves in with parents?

Manisha Koirala moved to her parents' place in Kathmandu days before she put up the Facebook status (about her wanting a divorce)

After Manisha Koirala's Facebook status of "divorce on my mind" ('Married but it's Complicated'; HiTLIST, November 22), there is a new development.

Sources reveal that Manisha had moved in with her parents days before putting up a statement on her profile page about an impending divorce from her husband Samrat Dahal. Talk of marriage trouble had been brewing for the last one month.

A source reveals, "Manisha had already moved out of her house with Samrat (Dahal) days before putting up the post on the social networking site. She was living with her parents in Kathmandu and had told them she had some issues with Samrat."

However, friends close to the actress reveal that she attributed her stay at her parents home to 'ill health.' She told her friends that she had a bad viral attack and was staying with her parents for some pampering. She also said that Samrat was not in town and she didn't want to be left alone during her sickness.

The talk of trouble in the marriage has rocked Kathmandu, with her dad former politician Prakash Koirala coming out in support of his daughter and denying any split from her husband. The actress is currently in Goa for the film festival and remained unavailable for comment.

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