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Friday, November 26, 2010

Rani flicks her middle finger!

Ever since the rushes of ‘No One Killed Jessica’ hit the idiot box and internet, Rani Mukerji’s middle finger salutation has not gone down well with the Censor Board.

Apparently, Censor Board is more bothered by Rani’s middle finger gesture rather than her powerhouse performance in the film, which is drawing praise from all walks of life.

Buzz has it that in ‘No One Killed Jessica’, Rani’s character showing her middle finger in an office corridor has drawn flack from the Censor Board. The Board found the promos too distasteful for family viewing and maintain that it should be screened only if Rani’s finger gesture is blurred.

Talking to a daily on the whole controversy, a source said, “The channels were shocked at Rani displaying her middle finger so explicitly on screen. Even if the Censors hadn’t objected to the promo, some channels would have chosen not to screen it.”

Interestingly, Censor Board’s decision has come as a rude shock to the director (Raj Kumar Gupta) and the producer (UTV) of the film. “The Board’s decision is unfair. Today, kids have easy access to the internet. How does not showing a promo like this serve the purpose? ”, added the source.

Meanwhile, a much disturbed Rajkumar Gupta said, “I am very disappointed. The trailer should be seen in the right context and not in isolation.” Rumour has it that very little can be done at this stage of the film.

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