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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ashmit is in love with Veena!

It’s been quite some time that a new guest had entered the house and it was time to name the Buffalo. Shweta was enjoying this task and she decides to name the buffalo Kajariya. Soon a little argument happened between Ashmit Patel and Seema Parihaar, while Ashmit calls her to the breakfast table so that they can also start eating. To which Seema says she didn’t like the food on the table and no one cooked what she wanted. But still she nibbles something so that others can eat.

Ashmit gets possessive towards Veena Malik while she is curling her hair and dancing… he asks her to put on a jacket. She denies and this angers Ashmit. Veena follows Ashmit and asks why he is behaving so strangely and the reason behind his anger. Ashmit ignores her and says that he is not angry.

In the evening it was time to announce the daily task and 'Bigg Boss 4' sends a task letter announcing that there will be a Kabbadi game between Gaonwaala’s (Hrishant, Shweta, Manoj and Sara) and the Sheharwaalas (Ashmit, Veena, Sameer and WWE Superstar The Great Khali). Sheharwaalas seemed like an obvious winner considering WWE Superstar The Great Khali was part of the team. But it was a surprise to see Manoj knocking him out in the first round and Gaonwaalas emerge as winners. Post the task, it was time to bid adieu to the most loved guest Kajariya (buffalo).

As a usual norm, Thursday’s are fixed to chose a new captain for the house. Seema completes her tenure as the Captain and 'Bigg Boss 4' asks her to nominate two housemates for the captaincy. Seema nominates Manoj Tiwari and WWE Superstar The Great Khali. It will be interesting to see if WWE Superstar The Great Khali succeeds to become captain and get the special room with special amenities while Manoj loses.

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