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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bips loves both tags, sexy and beautiful

Bipasha Basu is one actress who is really grounded. Unlike other stars who hip, hop and get entangled with various actors to get onto the Bollywood map, she has always remained attached, attracted and in a stable relationship with John. This is very evident as they have never kept their love life or their live-in relationship under wraps.

Ask her what is that one thing which has kept her close to John even today? ”Nothing but love. Love is supreme. We understand each other so well that it ensures our togetherness. Moreover, love is above all. There is no other defining factor.”

Next we quiz if she thinks of herself as sexy or beautiful? Pat comes the reply, “I adore and admire all these adjectives coming my way! Men and women praise me and I am happy with it.” Nevertheless she did not choose any one. So it goes without saying she prefers both being called sexy as well as beautiful. 

Ask Bipasha to rate herself as an actress and she candidly replies, “If you ask me my rating for acting, I would give myself a clear 7/10, as I am learning new things every day. Learning is a never-ending process. I still think I have a lot more to do, I am yet to perform various characters and I am looking forward to doing all kind of films,” she signs off.

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