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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Khans are vulgar: Rakhi

The unstoppable and bold Rakhi Sawant has done it again and she is back in news. This time she is after the Khans of film industry.

Rakhi was questioned about why she is often accused of trying to gain attention everytime by cheap publicity issues but Rakhi was immediate to counter back and quoted as , "People call me melodramatic... but I see Shah Rukh Khan doing such vulgar stuff at award functions."

Ladkon par chadkar baith jaata hai, he talks vulgar, double-meaning dialogues... isn't that nautanki? He is educated but see what he is doing... Why are they after me?”

Rakhi didin’t stopped here as she further stated, “When the Khans (Aamir, Salman, SRK) have their films up for release, ek doosre ki taang kheechne mein lag jaate hain!"

Hope that when this news reaches Shahrukh and Co. they take it sportingly and forget about it and forgive the lady for this quote.

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