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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dasari spoils sexy Sheela's career

The film industry is one place where some unusual things keep happening. Notable among them is that some of the most deserving talent often goes unnoticed or fails to get the decent break. Right now, one sexy heroine seems to be going through that phase much to the surprise of many.

She is the big eyed sizzler Sheela. Despite having a natural beauty and an appealing oomph factor, Sheela has not been able to make her mark. While her ‘Parugu’ scored a decent success, the dusky beauty was hoping for some good momentum but nothing happened. Eventually, she paired up with NTR jr as well and contributed from her end to ‘Adhurs’ but still no luck.

Last but not the least, Sheela paired up with the big man Balayya in ‘Parama Veera Chakra’ and was positive that this is the turning point. However, the turning point turned out to be in the reverse direction without much success. The buzz is that Sheela is now looking towards Malayalam and other regional circuits. Let us hope someone in Tollywood gives her the due break.

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