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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shahid rushes to Priyanka's rescue

On January 11, 2011 Mumbai Mirror reported with pictures on Shahid and Priyanka’s tête-à-tête at the T-20 match in Durban. A few days ago, Shahid told a section of the media, “I am okay being seen with Priyanka.” And now, the otherwise guarded Sasha is going all out in expressing his love for Priyanka.

On Saturday, Sasha drove all the way to Film City, where his ladylove was shooting; he heard she was feeling unwell. Not only did he rush there the moment he learnt this, he also brought her back home in his car. “Oh, how much he cares for her! You have to see it to believe it,” says a friend close to the couple.

The story goes that Priyanka had a very hectic morning on Saturday while promoting her film Saat Khoon Maaf. After the promotion round was over, she had a bout of food poisoning. “She ate something that didn’t agree with her system,” revealed a source. Soon, she had a very bad stomach ache.

She somehow reached her car, got in and left for Film City (Goregaon East), where she was supposed to shoot with Shah Rukh Khan for Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2. “Naturally, she couldn’t skip a shoot where Shah Rukh was waiting. Mid-afternoon, Shahid landed in Mumbai. He was in Chandigarh shooting for Mausam,” says the source.

He rushed straight from the airport to Film City to rescue her damsel in distress. He waited at the sets till the shoot wrapped up. Adds the source, “After the shoot completed for the day, the couple left together in Shahid’s car. Priyanka was feeling much better towards the end of the shoot and she even attended her close friend Mickey Contractor’s event the same night.”

Psst... Sasha and Priyanka happen to live in the same building at Yari Road. So, it was obviously easy for him to drop her home. But despite that Sasha, we’re touched by your gesture.

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