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Friday, January 28, 2011

Preity Zinta to host Guinness World Records!

Bollywood's dimpled cutie, Preity Zinta jumps on the film-stars-doing-TV-shows-bandwagon with Colors' new show, Guiness World Records - Ab India Todega. Keeping in with the promise of putting Indians on the world map, Preity echoes the concept of the show and represents the spirit of new India. The desi version of Guinness World Record will be produced by Miditech Pvt Ltd.

Guiness World Records - Ab India Todega will see Preity guiding Indians trying to break international records and compete with the world-record holders. Apparently, her patriotic streak, innate charm and her exuberance makes her suitable to host the show.

Preity says, "I was sure that whenever I do make a move to the small screen, it would be something I believe in. Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega is the perfect platform for my television debut. The show reflects my ideology to push oneself and compete with the best. There is also a feeling of pride in hosting a show that will put India on the international pedestal and will bring fame for Indians. I am sure viewers will have a good time watching the show."

Sources suggest the show goes on air in March. The source adds, "Every episode will have four to five acts and the contestants will inform the production house as to what act they'd like to perform. The production people will accordingly cross check from the international version if that act has been performed earlier. If the act has been performed earlier the contestant will be asked to break that record and if they succeed they will be declared winner. Contestants can also perform new acts and make new records. Some acts will be performed in the studio while a few will be performed on an open ground depending on the requirement."

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