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Friday, January 21, 2011

MF Husain’s paintings withdrawn from India Art Summit

MF Husain has run into a controversy, yet again. The artist’s paintings were withdrawn from the ongoing India Art Summit in the city after the gallery owner received aggressive messages by certain saffron groups.

The groups have opposed the facilitation of the painter’s art as his paintings had offended their religious sentiments earlier. The group made loud protests and threatened the organizers to not put his paintings on display.

Husain’s paintings were to be put on display for the public almost after three years. His works did not find a place in the last couple of years because the organisers could not guarantee him protection.

Talking to a news daily, Ashish Anand, the Director of the Delhi Art Gallery, said, "There is a lot of police protection and I think we have around 200 policemen at the India Art Summit. But the organisers feel that the vandals may come in and there could be a stampede because we have received around 20 odd emails from various groups from Bombay and Pune. So has the India Art Summit."

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