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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gauri irked with SRK's sleeplessness

Back in Mumbai after a hectic travel schedule, actor Shah Rukh Khan says that he has never experienced jet-lag in his life. The only effect that the months of incessant travelling has on him is that he, sometimes, loses track of time.

“I know that I am traveling too much these days, I am shuttling between time zones and continents. I do lose track of time once in a while, but I don’t ever get sick because of jet-lag. Everybody complains of sleep issues due to excessive travel, but I’ve yet to experience that,” says Shah Rukh.

However, there’s one person who constantly worries about the superstar not catching enough sleep and that’s his wife, Gauri.

“I sleep for three hours a day generally. I can see everybody in deep sleep around me even when I am on flight. When I was travelling to Singapore, everybody would catch up with a little nap but I just couldn’t. I was wide awake. Gauri is sometimes concerned about this and keeps telling me that I should slow down a bit, and catch up on my sleep. But like all husbands, I have only one answer for her — ‘Lovers, too, don’t sleep’,” he laughs adding, “I love my work and what I am doing!”

But then like all wives, Gauri has come up with a way to ensure that her husband does manage to get some sleep when he’s at home.

“When I’m at home, nobody wakes me up. They switch off the alarms and don’t wake me up till I am up myself. So once in a while I do get to catch up on sleep, thanks to her,” says Shah Rukh.

But is three hours of sleep enough for him? The actor replies in the affirmative. “Yes, three -four hours of sleep is just enough for me. Besides, it’s me who has chosen this kind of life. So like everything, it will have its share of good and bad things that it brings along. And I couldn’t thank God enough for the kind of life he has given me,” he adds.

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