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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urmila replaces Mallika in 'Chak Dhoom Dhoom'

Recently, Mallika has been in news for throwing tantrum on the sets of Chak Dhoom Dhoom and infuriating the crew to such an extend that the producer was bound to look for her replacement. Now it has been officially disclosed that Mallika Sherawat will no longer be a part of the television dance reality show and that her replacement would be Urmila.

The channel had to take the decision hastily. They tried their best to adjust with Mallika and proceed with the shooting. However, the channel had to replace her because her nakhras were getting out of hand and the crew had reached the peak of their tolerance level.

Sherawat was contacted for comment. The otherwise outspoken girl with a bindass She said that she was busy and could not give dates for the shoot. She also added that there were no hard feelings and that they had parted ways politely.
attitude played safe to protect her image.

According to Sherawat, the television show required her to shoot for long hours. Once, she had to shoot for fifteen hours at a stretch. The next day, she had to be present for her movie shoot. Her work was draining her off her energy so finally she had to quit.

During one of the shoots, her dates were clashing with other projects. It was getting extremely difficult for her to manage both the projects simultaneously.

When the channel was asked, they too denied having any hostile feelings towards her. They too stated that although Mallika’s tantrums were difficult to handle, they had parted ways in good terms. The channel also confirmed that Urmila had replaced her as even she was a good dancer.

However, one really wonders whether it is really their dancing skills or their sex appeal which had encouraged the crew to cast them. After all, the TRP of the show matters.

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