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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RGV won't pay anyone in his next film

The name Ram Gopal Varma seems to be synonymous with innovation and experimentation when it comes to film-making.

This time, he is all set to prove how by using present-day digital technology to shoot a commercial film in just five days, with a five-member crew and at zero cost. At least, that's the plan RGV has for the Telugu film, Dhongala Mutha starring Ravi Teja, Charmi, Brahmanandam, Lakshmi Manchu and Prakash Raj. "It normally takes about 60-120 days to shoot a film with more than 200 crew members.

The cost of a film is the total of what one pays to artistes, technicians, crew members and equipment suppliers. But if the director can convince and instill the same excitement in others, they will agree to work at no cost and directly contribute to the project in their individual capacities," says the director, adding, "For Dhongala Mutha, a two-hour feature film, no one is going to be paid. Once the film releases and if it makes profits, they will be given their dues as per their individual pre-agreed valuations.

The director-producer plans to use the best technology to give shape to his ideas. "The technology I'll use for this film will prove that you don't need crores of rupees to make a film, but a story that excites the audience. My crew will comprise just one director, two associate directors and three 5D camera operators. There will be no generator, no lights and no equipment as the entire film will be shot with hand-held cameras and in natural light. The pilot track for the sound will be recorded by the cameras," says RGV.

However, Ramu insists that the cast will also play a vital role in the film's success. "If the film was to be made with unknown actors, it would still be an obscure experiment. But the fact that I am doing this with stars like Ravi Teja, who has a market recovery of more than ` 20 crore per film, will help garner audiences' attention," he explains.

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