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Monday, January 24, 2011

John bares all in Dostana 2

John abraham's beach scene in trunks fetched him loads of female fans and lot of bold and naughty comments. Sources now inform us, that John shall be doing a far more raunchy act in the sequel and will be baring all for a steamy hot love-making scene with Desi Girl Piggy Chops. The scene was shot in the presence of very few number of cast and crew members.

One sure wonders about the mutual comfort level that exists between the pair?! Not to forget their beaus - we hope both alleged boyfriend Shahid Kapoor and long time lady love Bipasha Basu, would also be comfortable watching the intimacy between their respective partners on screen. The comments of the censor board of course are most awaited.

John is also playing one of the seven husbands for leading lady Priyanka Chopra in Vishal Bhardawaj's upcoming romantic thriller - Saat Khoon Maaf. Karan has started a trend with dostana and now we have to wait and watch that what sequel has in it.

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