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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cop trouble for Sanjay Dutt

The actor is being questioned about his portrayal of popular slain cop Pritam Singh

Playing his first-ever real-life character is proving to be more problematic for Sanjay Dutt than he had imagined.

His role, based on the life of notorious policeman Pritam Singh of Bulandshahr, in Zilla Ghaziabad has created quite a stir among the slain cop's fans and family.

The latest to join the bandwagon of supporters is Singh's brother, who apparently wants minute details of Dutt's portrayal of the cop.

Says a source, "Though notorious for using unlawful methods to nab criminals, Pritam Singh is a legend in his region even 13 years after his death. No one wants his story to be twisted or distorted.

There is a fear among his supporters and followers in Uttar Pradesh that he may be portrayed as a law-breaker."

Apparently, when news reached Bulandshahr that a film was being made on the city's favourite cop, suspicious groups of people travelled to Wai in the suburbs of Mumbai to check out the celluloid Pritam Singh.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn't meet the actor as he joins the shoot of Zilla Ghaziabad much later.

No tweaking
Confirming these developments, the film's producer Vinod Bachchan says, "Yes, there have been anxious inquiries about the way we're portraying Pritam Singh.

His brother S P Singh wants to know how his brother is being portrayed in our film, and also Dutt Saab's approach towards the role. He doesn't want Pritam Singh to come across as an anti-social character."

A meeting between S P Singh and Sanjay Dutt is quickly being arranged to avoid any trouble when shooting with the actor begins.

Dutt is expected to fly to Lucknow for the meeting.

There is also talk of bringing S P Singh onboard as creative consultant to avoid the usual troubles that biopics almost invariably face in this country once the film is released.

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