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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shah Rukh, Salman? No comparisons please, says Katrina Kaif

When it comes to signing a film, the co-star is one of the biggest criteria for most actors, but apparently for actress Katrina Kaif, the only thing that really matters is the script. Never mind that she’ll soon be seen sharing screen space with actors Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan… all actors who feature on the wish-list of most actors. Katrina reveals that the co-stars do matter, but not more than the script.

“I don’t have a wish-list when it comes to co-stars. In fact, even when I started off I never had a wish-list in place,” says Kaif. “Sure, you want to work with the best talent in the industry, and that’s only natural. But no, I do not have a list of actors that I put a tick mark against every time I do a film with them,” she adds.

That’s also why she prefers refraining from comparing her co-stars with each other. “All actors have their unique style and we adapt around it and discover it as we work. So why compare them with each other?” she shoots.

Kaif’s also in no mood to be drawn into the Salman-SRK battle by comparing them. “Like I said, no comparisons please! Besides, I haven’t even started shooting with Shah Rukh yet.” What about personal equations with co-stars? “Some actors do make you feel more comfortable than others, and it’s nice to share that comfortable rapport with each other on the sets. But it’s not like we always end up becoming best of friends. We’re all here to work, friendships are co-incidental,” she says.

But she did get along rather well with Hrithik? “Yes, it was fun shooting with Hrithik and Farhan and Abhay too. All of them are very distinct individuals and it was nice bonding with them.” As for the kiss with Hrithik in an upcoming film that’s been creating quite an uproar, Kaif says that she can’t understand why is there such a big fuss about it. “For actors, it’s like any other regular scene, so that’s about it,” she states.

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