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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yana's panty-less painting to be auctioned

Sometime back, Yana Gupta made headlines because of her panty-less appearance at an event. It isn’t surprising that her panty-less pictures are searched on the internet even today. But it is definitely surprising that her controversial picture has become an inspiration for painter Pranava Prakash.

Pranav Prakash made this act an immortal one by giving such stint an art form. Pranava has painted Yana in the same black outfit with pantyless. There are two children sitting next to Yana almost cloth less.

Main idea of this painting is to show the difference between Bharat and India. Bharat belongs to the Highly fashionable celebrities who prefers less cloth because of fashion. In fact Yana loved the idea of Pranav praising it as quite witty and original.

‘Definitely a good piece of Art. I wouldn’t buy it though. It is better than I expected,’ said Yana congratulating the painter. She even replied to the artist with a congratulatory message!

This painting would go for an auction with in this month.

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