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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Duggu’s craving for a solo hit now

H. U (H) L. L. O. Why the dragging tone? Love, I’m dead meat. The trainer — result of my bad karma — has put me through a gruelling workout. He’s been growling and scowling over my weight gain. Now, I’ve been put on a pani and chai diet — well almost and that’s got me antsy. But at least I have company. Duggu is also stressed out. Ab kya karen, the dishy dude has his umeed pinned on Zindagi Na Mile Dobara. But with Farhan and Abhay accompanying him on this fun road trip, doesn’t look like Duggu will get to hog the limelight. “He is banking heavily on Agneepath, darling,” announces my Bollywood crazy pal. How does she know? It’s no rocket science na? It’s a K Jo movie and he plays the solo lead. Duggu clearly hasn’t learnt from SRK’s mistakes. Well, actually neither has SRK. After Don ki dhulai, he is still working on the sequel, so why blame Duggu alone?

Priyanka takes a break

I feel so sorry for these actresses, sweets. Paisa toh hai but itna tension bhi hai na? Look at bechari Priyanka. Her love life sucks now that she has called it quits with Sasha. Her rivals Kat and Kareena have signed films with her buddy SRK. Even Anouskha has bagged a role opposite Khalnayak Khan. So Priyu did what she thought was a smart move. She started trailing SRK with the perfect excuse of promoting their film Don 2. From accompanying him to matches, to bonding with him in flights, sab kuch kiya but role na mila. So she has done the next best thing: Taken off on a family vacation to the US. At least she will be away from all the prying eyes. Maybe she needs to realign her chakras. I should set up a meeting with my pranic healer for her. She sure could do with some therapy. Hai na?

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