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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Naughty Emraan upsets Vidya

Emraan Hashmi, who has been crowned Bollywood’s `serial kisser` has now gone a step ahead in enhancing his reputation for being the best in love making scenes as well!

The actor will be sharing screen space with talented actress Vidya Balan in Ekta Kapoor’s `Dirty Picture` which will see the `Ishqiya` star in a sleazy avatar! She plays late south Indian sex-bomb Silk Smitha in the film.

While shooting for the film, Emraan got an opportunity to lock lips with the fantabulous actress.

And recently, during the shoot, Emraan thought of playing some dirty pranks with his co-star. Vidya, who was in her `Dirty Picture` attire which had a deep inviting neckline provoked Emraan’s naughty mind.

He took a glass of soft drink in his hand, pretended to be drunk and kept staring at her.

Narrating what happened, a source while talking to a tabloid said, "One day, photo shoots were happening with Vidya, Emraan and Tushar (Kapoor) at the studio. While Vidya was shooting pictures in a complete Silk Smitha get up, with a plunging neckline and a short skirt, Emraan was fairly free and just hanging around.”

Emraan kept staring at her until she turned red with embarrassment. She asked him to stop making her feel conscious but Emraan continued to play dirty with her.

“But what to do, you are looking very hot”- is what Emraan seems to have told Vidya, said the source.

"Vidya got really hassled with his behaviour and complained to the production managers.She asked them to whisk him away, or she would leave. Seeing Vidya seething with rage, a production guy couldn`t control himself and burst into laughter. Soon everyone on the sets, including Emraan, joined him. Vidya was bewildered to see everyone laughing, but soon realised that she was made a `bakra`. She turned red with embarrassment."

Was Emraan playing pranks or was he just trying to make the most of the situation?

Only Emraan can tell!

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