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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Did you know Imran Khan is a US citizen?

Imran Khan says his petition against the upped legal drinking age will be filed soon but through proxy

When the Maharashtra state government increased the legal age for alcohol consumption to 25 from 21 years, a plethora of celebrities spoke against it.

However, it was only Imran Khan who decided to take some action by announcing that that he will file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), last month.

But since there was no development on it, buzz spread that it was a publicity gimmick for Delhi Belly that released on July 1. Imran has now revealed that he will indeed be filing it very soon.

Imran says, "The PIL will be filed within a week. Since I'm a US citizen, I personally can't file it. Hence, I've reworked it with the help of my lawyers to file it in someone else's name.

So while the PIL will be filed by someone else on my behalf, I'll be bearing the complete cost for the same."

Probed further if he was filing the litigation through his wife, family or friends, the actor declined to reveal the identity of the person. He reasoned, "It's a little too early. Let the paperwork be done first, then I'll give the relevant details."

Point out to him that the paperwork could have been completed in time to avoid being accused, Imran says that they didn't want to mix the two.

"It took time to rework the PIL paperwork keeping the legalities and technicalities in mind. We wanted to keep it separate from the film, so we eventually decided to file it some time after the release, " he explains.

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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