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Sunday, July 3, 2011

None of us missed Mallika: Emraan Hashmi

None of us missed Mallika, says Emraan Hashmi, about the Sherawat girl.

Ekta Kapoor, Vishal Bharadwaj, Milan Luthra — you seem to have emerged quite a favorite outside the Bhatt camp as well.
As an actor, you need to grow and prove yourself time and again. Earlier people said that I could work with only one production house. But now, when these directors show faith in me, it gives me that reassurance as an actor. No one will sign you on, till they know you're worth it. "Dirty Picture" is a controversial subject and doing the film itself is an honor. I think I have silenced my critics.

So your latest film is not exactly the sequel to "Murder"?
No, and it can't be. In "Murder" I died in the end, so technically in the sequel, I would have to be a ghost. The two movies are two different products. While the former dealt with the man-woman relationship, the subject of the latter has all the trappings of a murder mystery.

You've been part of both films. How different is Mohit Suri from Anurag Basu?
There are various ways one can interpret the two of them and their styles. For actors, definitely Anurag is a guy with a slight edge as he is more spontaneous. He keeps us on our toes. Mohit on the other hand, loves working on a bound script.

None of us missed Mallika, says Emraan Hashmi, about the Sherawat girl.

How much did you miss Mallika Sherawat on the sets of your latest flick?
Oh! I didn't miss Mallika at all. None of us missed her.

So, no love lost between the two of you?
Well, it's a film and you have actors who are part of the movie. "Murder" was an important film for me as it was one of my biggest blockbusters. We had a great time shooting for the first film. But along the way, after the movie released, what happened is a different story. But Jacqueline has done a fine job herself and we got along really well.

Mallika went on record to say that she won't be watching this film.
Who said that? Mallika? Well, then she is definitely missing out on something. That's all I'm going to say about it now.

You said earlier, fatherhood has changed the way you see yourself doing movies.
So far, being a dad has not affected my choice of films. I make movies for the audience. Just because I have the additional responsibility of being a father, it doesn't mean I won't do what an actor is supposed to. Of course, fatherhood has brought in a new dimension in my life. Now, I feel the need to cater to my son's sensibilities, because, let's face it, he cannot watch my films till he is 18 (laughs). I want to make films, which my son can watch too. But there is an audience out there and I can't make films for my family alone and not cater to the janta, because then only my family will end up watching them.

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