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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hollywood calling for Koena

The Bengali lass, who has bagged two Hollywood assignments, is due to leave the city post September

After a steamy on-screen kiss that Koena Mitra shared with American actor Kevin Sorbo in her international debut, the dusky Bengali has landed herself two more  plum Hollywood projects.

Koena plays a bisexual in her current movie,
which also stars Kevin Sorbo

One is an untitled film, based on a true story produced by Karen Armstrong under the American Production Company Committed Artists Entertainment's banner. The film stars Miles O'Keeffe (of Tarzan fame) opposite Koena.

The second movie titled Dark Romance is also co-produced by Armstrong. The rest of the cast is yet to be finalised.

The starlet has reportedly been roped in for these movies to bring diversity to the cast. The shooting, which  begins in December will, take place in Canada and the United States.

Hollywood ways
She said, "I am in Mumbai till September, after which I will go to the US for workshops of my new Hollywood projects. Their style of working is so different from that in Bollywood.

Here an actor first asks about the co-star, but there that is the last thing you know. You first interact with the casting director and then meet the producer and director," she adds.

The actress, who has been away from B-Town for a while now, added, "I have an agent in the US through whom I have landed these offers. It is a new challenge for me to work in Hollywood."

Exotic looks
Armstrong said, "I am thrilled to have Koena attached to the project. She has been well accepted because of her exotic looks.

She is a hard worker and this was clearly seen when she endured four screen tests to acquire this role."

Meanwhile, Koena still has some scenes to shoot for The Story of Naomi, starring Sorbo.

Directed by fashion photographer Ash Gupta and produced by Michael Hirshenson from Harry Met Sally and Princess Bride fame, the film stars Koena and Kevin Sorbo. Koena is reportedly romantically involved with both a man and a woman in the film.

As part of her ticket to Hollywood, Koena has attended the Teen Choice and American Music Awards. She has also been spotted on the red carpet of many Hollywood film premieres.

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