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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sona goes missing

Main chup rahoongi! No love, how can I keep quiet? Who will give you all the juicy khabar then? That’s Sona’s new mantra, not mine. What happened? The moti actress seems to have inherited her father’s blunt tongue and has offended her colleagues with her brash remarks. My driver who is ekdum vela, now that my appointments are all cancelled, puts in his two bit, “Madam Sonakshi ko toh koyi pasand nahin karta, woh bolti zyada hai.” Motu Sona’s extra Dabanng attitude coupled with the heavy weight may have impressed Sallu but not Kamal Haasan, who promptly dropped her from his film. So the embarrassed actress has taken off on a vacation. She even tweeted about how she is visiting three continents in 12 days. And before you naïve souls think it is a big deal, here’s what my catty pal smirks, “Oh darling, by three continents she just means the Dubai-London-NYC route.” Clever Sona! This way she doesn’t have to answer any phone calls on why her dear family friend Kamalji dropped her like a hot potato! Told you na, in this industry even dosti is need-based!

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