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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Salman-Bebo alag alag

Hello sweets, I’m in a sombre mood and have cancelled all my appointments. Why? Well, I’m doing an Ash! There she was all pregnant and glowing with Junior B by her side, when she made that politically correct decision and called off the award function. What have I called off? Err, hmm, you know my mandatory visits to the spa! I haven’t had my nails done ever since I heard about the blasts! Yes, I’m no Ash but I can also make my small sacrifices But love, it appears to be season of sacrifices even for star-crossed on-screen lovers Bebo and Dabangg Khan. Now, now, calm down darlings, they are not dating each other! But my khabru insists that there is no heavy duty romance between the two in Bodyguard! Apparently, it is a one-sided romance! Don’t be surprised if you see Sallu play the obsessive lover to an indifferent Bebo. He has mastered this role to perfection. Remember, dus saal pehele, he had knocked desperately all through the night on Ash’s door. Hmm, who knows he might even win the national award as the performance will certainly come dil se. Oops. Now did I say something wrong?

Emmi wants moolah
Emmi is showing his true rang finally! He is no longer willing to play resident chamcha to his mentors — the Bhatts! Oh, don’t be shocked! That is how this duniya is darling! The Bhatts exploited their in-house star by paying him peanuts for all their films. Emmi had no choice but to survive on the crumbs. After all, career ka sawaal tha! But guess, he was just bidding his time to extract his pound of flesh. The moment the tide turned in his favour, he upped his price. Serves the Bhatts right! You can’t exploit loyalty, love! But have they learnt their lesson? Na baba, they are already looking at plan B! Haven’t you heard stories of how Emmi and Randeep Hooda are fighting on the sets of their latest flim? So I sent the driver (who is back break ke baad) to dig out some dirt. “Madam, Bhatt saab ko Randeep zyada pasand hai,” he pants. Aha! The Bhatts are promoting Randeep now! Kyon? Elementary my dears! He is their new blue-eyed boy and their latest bakra!

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