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Sunday, July 3, 2011

‘My kissing scenes restricted to films’

Imran Khan, the chocolate boy of Bollywood, is a happy man these days. He is five months into his marriage with wife Avantika and is looking forward to the release of the much awaited Delhi Belly. He is also one of the few actors who have not been linked with any of his beautiful co-stars. “While working together on a film, my co-stars and I share a good rapport, but then I am like this only... you get portrayed the way you are in real life,” he believes.

About his marriage, he smiles like a Cheshire cat, “I can’t imagine life without Avantika. We have known each other for nine years and have a strong bond. I truly believe that this is the most important thing in any relationship.” This will be put to the test with Delhi Belly, where he has some kissing scenes. After all, not many wives like to see their husbands kiss someone else. But he is confident, “She knows that in filmmaking one needs to do justice to the script. That’s how it is in this profession, but I shall definitely restrict such scenes only to films.”

And what if Avantika was in Imran’s place and had to deliver a similar scene, would he allow it? “Yes, I would,” he answers, adding, “If Avantika was to take up acting and had any such scene, I would not impose any restrictions on her.” He is also a producer’s joy as he does not like to waste money. He says, “Doing a scene many times wastes money and so I always rehearse my scenes repeatedly. I sincerely make an effort not to allow any extra expenditure from my end.” He also follows his uncle, Aamir Khan’s lead, when it comes to charging a fee. “All the big stars like Aamir mamu, Shah Rukh Khan and others follow the same procedure, where, if the film does well then they get a big amount. We also get royalty and that’s how it works. Money is not the driving force for me. I am investing all my time and energy showcasing my talent. Only then will I be able to gain fame and recognition,” he concludes.

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