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Friday, January 14, 2011

Asha Bhosle opens a Dubai Restaurant

She surely has bowled the world with her melodious voice, but music is not the only passion that Asha Bhosle has. She loves cooking, and has turned this passion into a full-fledged business. Asha Tai has now opened a restaurant in Dubai. This is the third restaurant that she has opened in the UAE and 10th outside India.

The restaurant is named after her, and is located at The Mall. The inspiration behind this venture is her son, Anand Bhosle, who manages her current chain of restaurants and events. Even though Asha Tai is not a business woman by profession, she is not new in this field, having entered this business eight years back.

Asha Tai is a passionate cook, and she loves experimenting with her food, trying out various cuisines across the world. This is the same trait that is seen in her music as well. After having recorded over 13,000 songs, there is no territory that is perhaps left untouched by Asha Tai. She has given her voice for folk, devotional, kawalli, Bollywood and pop.

"I have tried to be an all-rounder, place my foot in different things," she says. "I think you should always try new things. If you hold on to one thing then that will not work for very long."

"My wish is that the people who come to the restaurant should feel they are sitting in their home and eating," she says. "I can make all sorts of food and my restaurants have the best of what I've learnt."

Besides the restaurant affair, Asha Tai is also present in the Mega City for a concert to give a tribute to her late husband and musical genius R D Burman. The concert will take place at the Sheikh Rashid Hall on Friday.

A versatile singer, a passionate cook and now a smart business woman- Asha Tai is undoubtedly a multi-talented personality.

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