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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ashmit Patel's MMS a hit again

While Ashmit Patel would have wanted the scandalous video Clip of him and his ex girlfreind be left behind and forgotten, the clip instead is gaining popularity ever since Ashmit is ousted from the house.

On the first day of the show Ashmit had confessed that the girl in the video was indeed his ex girlfriend and that he had taken the video for personal use. That sparked the interest in the clip again and things got worse ever since. Though the video is not available online anymore, searches for the video have grown ever since till date. A wild search has begun only adding to Ashmit’s agony.

Ashmit had pleaded guilty for the leak of the video and asked his fans to support him. Though his ex girlfreind had said that the girl in the video is not she, Ashmit accepted the fact that it was indeed his. He then went on to say some story about his cellphone and how the video reached the outer world.

Ashmit was one of the most interesting characters on the show. Picking up fights, standing up against the wrong and romancing the glamorous on the show, Ashmit did everything that he could in his capacity inside the house. He was the second runner up at the show loosing out to The Great Khali and Shweta Tiwari. He had an ugly equation with Dolly Bindra inside the house, who openly accused him of leaking the sex videos to gain popularity. Ashmit maintained his cool though he was on the brink of a complete breakdown.

Amisha Patel, Ashmit’s sister had whilst he was inside the house that she was proud of Ashmit’s performance inside the house and was sure that he would stay on for long. He did stay on for long and was one of the most popular characters on the show. Hopefully, setting aside the sex scandal, Ashmit finds some success in Bollywood.

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