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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Security guard pinches Akshay's son's bottom

A security guard from a Juhu building was allegedly slapped by Akshay Kumar, and then fired from his job. While Akshay and Twinkle insist that he pinched their son’s buttocks, the guard claims to have saved his life

A security guard at Juhu’s The Grand Eastern Shores society was fired from his six-year-old job for allegedly misbehaving with Akshay Kumar’s eight-year-old son.

While 35-year-old Bhandari was swiftly dismissed from his position given Kumar’s clout, the security agency is claiming that their guard was simply doing his duty and preventing the boy from grave injury since he was entering a meter room in the building.

According to a resident of The Grand Eastern Shores, the boy and his father were visiting a family friend three weeks ago in the afternoon, when Akshay got drawn into a conversation with a resident upstairs. With his father’s attention moving away from him, the boy wandered down to the building’s lobby and straight into the room which had all the electricity meters. Bhandari, who spotted the eight-year-old walk into the meter room, sprang to his feet and pulled him out of there, before the child could touch any live wire and hurt himself.

After a few minutes, we hear, Akshay thundered down to the lobby, roughed up Bhandari, and slapped him not once, but twice.

According to the parents, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, Bhandari had misbehaved with the boy. Akshay called us to say, “My son screamed when the incident happened. Let my wife elaborate.” Twinkle then added, “My son did not go into the meter room. That was simply Bhandari’s version.

My son was climbing the stairs with his friend when Bhandari came behind them and pinched his buttocks. My son quickly brought it to my notice. At this point of time his friend said that Bhandari had done this to him too. Another child from their group also had a similar experience. Our son has been brave enough to talk about this to us. He has been a hero.”

The matter did not end there. The next day Akshay’s secretary contacted the secretary of the society and urged him to punish Bhandari for his temerity. Says Commander Sitaram, general manager of operations at Hindustan Security Forces, the firm which had appointed Bhandari, “Akshay’s secretary said Bhandari had allegedly misbehaved with his son. We were told that he had pinched his buttocks.”

Sitaram said that the agency’s subsequent investigations failed to substantiate Akshay’s allegations. “Our investigations have confirmed that Bhandari did not hit or hurt the actor’s son. He pulled the child away from the danger zone and was just doing his duty.”

What went against Bhandari, however, was the fact that he had, on an impulse, touched the boy in an attempt to pull him to safety, violating the company’s code of conduct. “Our men have strict instructions not to touch any child or woman, no matter what the circumstances are,” said Sitaram.

There was also an allegation of ‘misbehaviour’ by Akshay’s friends, residents of the first floor of the building. The star’s involvement and apprehensions of the matter escalating into something nastier, confessed Sitaram, led to Bhandari’s dismissal. Yet Sitaram adds, “If he comes back after six months, we could help him find another job.”

When contacted, Bhandari heard us out. After a long pause, he denied the whole episode and with bitterness lacing every word, he said, “Main bhelpuri ka dhanda karta hoon. Aur iske baad mujhe kabhi phone mat karna (I sell bhelpuri. And don’t call me ever again).”

Bhandari has now been replaced by a certain R S Singh at the building.

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