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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vidya Balan - from saris to topless!

Vidya Balan clearly seems like a woman of amusing contradictions. See her at any public event and she makes for a picture of this prim, proper, cultured and typical bhartiya nari. But then you see her going topless for a calendar and the mental picture of the lady calls for a total overhaul.

Not that bhartiya nari of today can’t be bold or going topless means one’s low on culture. Nah! But it’s the contradiction that Vidya carries in her personality that makes one pause and ponder.

A few years back, she stepped into Bollywood as a demure Bengali woman in Parineeta. Back then, it had seemed unlikely that a lady like her would mouth curses, smooch her co-stars (male and female) and even drop her top.

We rewind to see the portrait of Vidya Balan as a woman getting bolder and bolder with time. And mind you, there’s tons of talent in her as well.

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