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Thursday, January 13, 2011

YVS Chowdary happy with PVC flop

It is known news that the noted director Y V S Chowdary is literally in hiding ever since he came up with two back to back massive duds in the form of ‘Okka Magadu’ and ‘Saleem’. It is heard that YVS was literally shivering after ‘Okka Magadu’ fearing the wrath of Nandamuri Balakrishna.

However, the latest we hear is that Chowdary has come out and has been in a celebrating mode. Well, it is known that ‘Okka Magadu’ had gone down in history that it was the worst film ever but PVC is capable enough of crossing that. Thus Dasari may beat YVS in giving the worst film for Balayya. So YVS can breathe comfortably as first place in giving the best worst film for Balayya will go to Dasari but not himself.

For now, YVS is reportedly shaping up his new film which marks the debut of Sai Dharam Tej from the mega family. With ‘PVC’ coming as blessing in disguise, let us hope YVS mends his ways and makes up for the disasters he has given over the past few attempts.

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