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Monday, January 17, 2011

Katrina said no to National Award

Katrina has so far given many hits on box-office, she has entertained people a lot. Her last movie RAAJNEETI was a super hit and her character was also appreciated by people.

When it was asked to Katrina that do you think you deserve a National Award for RAAJNEETI? She said,” No, very honestly no. I don’t think so I should get it for RAAJNEETI.

She also said that “I hope one day in my life a film which will show my capabilities and aspects I will get it for that”. So far Priyanka and Kangna have achieved National Award for FASHION then why are you Katrina saying no for it.

Previously, Katrina had said that she was expecting a National Award for RAAJNEETI. Then why is she refusing now?

Well Katrina other actresses should learn it from you that even after being on top they should really work hard to be a part of that prestigious award.

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