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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Salman to host 'Bigg Boss 5'

Bigg Boss has confirmed that Bollywood hunky Salman Khan will host the season 5 of the show. There were speculations that the actor will again take the host seat to lead the show but now it is official that everyone’s favourite Salman will be making his return on small screen.

It is a known fact that the actor attracted lot of TRP’s for the show in the last season eventually making the bosses happy.

A source close to Salman Khan informed "He is extremely happy with the way the show turned up and the response he received. This was his second time as a television host after ‘10 Ka Dum’, He is now looking forward to another stint with ‘Bigg Boss 5’."

The organisers of the show admitted that Salman creates a very positive connection with its viewers which forced them to sign the actor again.

But a source close to the channel reveals that it was a two year contract between Salman and the show bosses.

The source said, "Actually, it was a two-year-long contract but it was a well concealed secret."

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