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Friday, January 14, 2011

Salman forgives Vivek finally !

Vivek Oberoi can breathe easy now! The man, who is currently going through the golden touch, has forgiven Vivek for his past deed. Yes that’s true. As per a tabloid, Salman Khan has genuinely ended up rivalry with Vivek Oberoi, that had started in 2003, and has forgiven him.

Vivek had been to the press claiming that he was getting threats from Salman because apparently he was dating Aishwarya Rai then, who was Sallu’s ex. Vivek’s actions made him lose Ash (as she was upset of making their relationship public) and his career as well.

The tabloid quotes Salman saying, “I forgave Vivek because you know whether someone is serious or not in wanting to apologize, and whether he seriously felt bad for his actions.”

After Vivek’s downfall began, he left no stone unturned to apologize to Salman. In an award function, Vivek even bow before Salman, asking him for apology. But Salman went on record saying that he has not forgiven Vivek for what he has done.

But it finally looks like Salman’s kind heartedness has done the trick for Vivek, and he can surely hope for the revival of his career, as Salman has always helped his friends to revive their careers. So will Salman forgive Shahrukh Khan too?

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