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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sonam miffed with Shahid's father

Annoyed with Pankaj Kapur’s disorganised ways, she is giving him hardly any time for the film

Sonam Kapoor is apparently miffed with her director's way of working. The current schedule of Mausam, which started on Thursday, will get only three days from Sonam as compared to the earlier schedules.

A source from the unit told Mumbai Mirror, "Pankaj Kapur has not been an easy director to work with. There have been times when Sonam was called on the sets for four-five scenes, and she ended up shooting probably only one scene, or, at times, no scene at all. This got Sonam really livid."

Producer of the film, Sheetal Talwar clarified, "We have Sonam's dates as required. She had given us her dates before she went for a holiday. They are combination dates with Shahid."

A friend of Sonam said, "Sonam initially gave her dates in bulk for weeks together. But her days were unnecessarily getting wasted with her barely shooting one scene a day or no scene.

She also had Anees Bazmee's Thank You and Abbas Mastan's Players to shoot for. Now she has organised her dates and is giving a very thin window of 2-3 days to Pankaj Kapur to shoot."

Talwar though blames it on the weather, literally, and said, "The weather is so cold and foggy that at times it becomes very difficult to shoot."

On April 28, 2010, this paper also reported Shahid's (the lead actor of Mausam) distress over his dad's ways. He was quoted saying, "Believe me, I'm thoroughly confused. I've reached a point where I've surrendered completely to his (Pankaj Kapur) vision. I'm just going ahead with whatever he wants to do with me." As a son, Sasha must have had to put up with his dad, but Sonam seems to be cut from a different cloth.

Both Sonam and Pankaj remained unavailable for comment.

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