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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vimala shows her eroticism with Babu again

Hot and well stuffed lady Vimala Raman is getting into monotonous roles of showing the extra oomph every time in each and every movie she is being caste. Vimala has become the face of eroticism after the sensible bed room song in ‘Gayam 2’ shared with Jagapathi Babu which has become USP for the Varma’s sequel directed by Praveen Sri. Later on Vimala tried to remain with the same image and her unreleased ‘Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbai’ with Tarun caught both of them red hot.

Last release ‘Ranga the Donga’ is also the same genre of movie which hasn’t done any great to Vimala except enhancing her image as spicy glam doll. Now, fresh into the list is ‘Chattam’ movie with Jagapathi Babu and again director Arun Prasad is raising the heat utilizing the great rapport of Vimala and JB continued from ‘Gayam 2’ to ‘Chattam.’ Vimala seems to be getting into a dangerous situation if she goes forward with same kind of performances, better she take care of few meaningful roles.

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